So you’ve created a PC based company and decided to build your company’s IT infrastructure from scratch, so what’s next? The next thing is hiring the appropriate people to help you run and operate the network that will serve your business. Hiring the right people for the job requires you to choose the correct mix of knowledge, skills, and interests, all of which can change at any time, but the core values you select should not.

There are a lot of different companies that are growing at a rapid pace right now, offering everything from virtual assistants to full-time staffs. But most large companies will also want to hire virtual associates from time to time, just as an example. It’s easy to forget, when looking at the statistics or trying to get a few different companies, that there are two types of associates: inside agents and outside agents. Inside agents are those who assist their managers directly on a regular basis; they are usually not employees but freelancers.

You’ll find that most employees in organizations are non-employees and there are plenty of them around, just like in any industry. It’s a fact of life that most employees don’t want to be employees – they would much rather be freelancers.

Consultants on the other hand are often non-employees as well. What’s the difference between employees and consultants? In simple terms, employees are not paid hourly wages, whereas consultants are. Although the pay may vary for a given position, consultants can often be found within three to six figures of an average executive level job.

The problem with outsourcing is that it doesn’t solve the problem of developing healthy employees. The actual costs associated with the purchase of human capital through outsourced human capital to an outsider would still be money well spent, provided that you are able to adequately compensate them.

It’s not just about the training or the equipment or the supplies; you want your consultants to be adept in the necessary skills required for their job. They need to be certified and to have certifications, otherwise their service would not be covered under the contracts they are involved in. Each company will employ its own standards in this area.

If you think you are getting a good fit, make sure you really are. Those types of employees will work harder, but it takes hard work to be successful. It’s hard to be happy with someone who is working for free, isn’t happy, and is only hoping to avoid a formal notice period by doing some bitching.

If the employees themselves are not having a good relationship with their bosses, you can often find something wrong, whether it’s not being paid on time, being let go after a few months or not being getting access to the information they need for their job. You can bet it won’t be because of the employee, though, because that would contradict the entire premise of the deal you made with the vendor.

The key here is to strike a balance between finding those that can work for you and the employees you may want, and allowing them to get on with their work while maintaining a good relationship with the company. If employees are pulling all-nighters, it’s probably time to part ways.

You want to ensure that the employee has a good relationship with you – both as a person who can help you run your business. A good feeling in the office or in the street is a big plus. Also it makes them more willing to do the work they’re hired to do in a timely manner.

Furthermore, a good relationship with the vendor will serve to minimize potential problems. The same goes for the employees, but they also want to feel that their employers have faith in them and in their abilities. Having a good relationship with you will encourage your workers to go that extra mile, every day.

For the best, healthiest results from the systems you buy, hire only the best consultants. Look for ones who are out to solve problems and create solutions, not just individuals who are going to suck up their work and try to squeeze out the last little bit of experience they can before retiring to the golf course or the Caribbean or the Bahamas. !