• Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Search Engine Optimization for Indie Games

ByGeorge Newman

Apr 23, 2021

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, and this is basically the technique of optimizing your website for free, or ‘un-paid’ traffic from the search engine result pages. Basically, the more targeted traffic you attract to a website – the better your chance of making a sale. To do this, search engines continually will scan, or ‘crawl’ many different websites in order to understand what the website is all about. This information is then fed back to the people who own the websites who are usually referred to as ‘Search Engine Optimization Consultants’ or ‘SEO Consultants’.

Many small businesses and start-ups believe that they already have a good idea about how their business should be marketed.

Perhaps they have a product or service that others are selling, they are using AdWords campaigns on Google, they have a good content strategy in place, or they have a well-planned and carefully executed digital marketing strategy. But often times these businesses fail to realize the importance of the correct search engine optimization strategy. They think that they are good at what they are doing, and perhaps even the people at Google are happy with them. If that were the case, why wouldn’t Google be all they set out to be? What a travesty it would be for a business owner to not optimize their website properly or spend their money on an ineffective marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization Consultants can help businesses understand the importance of focusing on the off-page factors when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. In the off-page area, you need to understand social media, blogs, article directories, forum sites, press releases, e-mail marketing, e-commerce websites, search engine submissions, title tags, meta tags, images, analytics tracking and so forth. You also need to understand the on-page factors such as meta-tags, keyword density, site maps, internal linking structures, website navigation, and so forth. Keywords should be researched to identify the best set of keywords to use on your pages. SEO consultants will make sure that your web pages are optimised to the best there is to be.

SEO Consultants can help a business develop a long-term strategy for improving their rankings in the major search engines.

SEO consultants can give you detailed information on how you can improve the ranking of specific keywords and key phrases in order to drive more targeted traffic to your website. In addition, if your ranking in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) has decreased you should also work to increase your rankings in the organic or “unnatural” listings on the SERPS. A great strategy to implement for increasing search engine rankings is through link building. SEO consultants can advise you on what to do about this.

Google’s Panda update was released in August of 2021 and introduced a number of new features into the ranking algorithms of Google. The most noticeable algorithm change was the addition of the phrase “site map”. Google Maps has been labeled as one of the most important updates for the internet, which has led to increased popularity of websites such as Google Earth. This feature allows users to see the different areas of a certain location on the globe and provides real-time traffic information on how popular a certain area is, when it was last updated and more. This new feature is an important step forward in the advancement of search engine optimization and allows users to see the geographical location of certain websites.

Google has always been amongst the first companies to implement the best practices for their users, especially those who perform search engine optimization on their own. The introduction of Google Maps as well as the addition of the phrase “site map” in its many features have increased the importance of creating quality backlinks for your website. Backlinks play an important role in Google’s rankings and getting high quality backlinks is therefore important if you want to achieve a good ranking in Google.

Web designers who work with Google are required to learn and follow the guidelines and best practices that Google has set forth in order to get a good ranking. Having a good web design is a big factor in SEO but web designers need to know what Google’s requirements are in order to gain a good page ranking. Web designers who are unaware of these requirements are advised not to work with Google because they will only worsen their site’s ranking and lower their conversion rates.

  • SEO is not a one time procedure. It is a long term project that requires continuous attention in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Search engines continue to change their algorithms and sometimes their rules every now and then.
  • As long as you stay active with your internet marketing strategy and constantly learn about new trends in Google’s algorithms you will be able to maintain a good ranking.