What Goes Into Indie Games?

Learn the Basics of Indie Game Development The term independent game refers to a game created by a person who has his or her own financial resources. Independent game development is also referred to as game design. Today, many indie game developers are able to create games that are usually produced for free online, using […]

2D Versus 3D In Games

Understanding 3D Games There is a major difference between 2D and 3D games. The main reason for this is that, in order to develop a game, you need a lot of information from the real world. It doesn’t matter if the game is made for home consoles or for gaming console games. In addition, the […]

How Do I Play Old Games?

Finding Old Classics It is not so long ago that online gamers were more likely to find 2D games and other websites that allowed the online play of the online games. The movement towards 3D games for computers is also a relatively recent development. Many people would like to get into video games, but without […]

What Are Sprites?

Making Games Come to Life The video game industry is large and dynamic, and with the shift from mainframe systems to portable handheld gaming systems, new formats are created to keep up with the latest games. The newest is the use of video game sprites, which can be created and manipulated on the video game […]